Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Black bean hummus and a flashback on resolutions.

This is my current situation. 
All I can think (while eating the best hummus I've come across to date) is did I accomplish anything from the list? Let's see:
  • I fell for Trey every day. Even if it was me just staring at him and remember our vows, I made an attempt to remember why I fell in love all over again. 
  • I laughed a whole lot this year. And yes, maybe cried a bunch, too. But that's okay.
  • I did buy that beautiful Equinox. And I suppose ;) the Lord knew my heart better than me because it's white. I wanted a charcoal gray one and I got white and now I love it even more. 
  • I actually spent about the same amount of time on Pinterest as the year before :\ but made a conscious effort!
  • The planning stopped! :) I was able to roll with the punches more this year with a little help from Trey. 
  • We didn't take a whole lot of walks but we did join the gym and have consistently gone since January. Woo!
  • Thanks to my beautiful family and friends, I was able to take more pictures with my Nikon bought for my birthday last year.
  • I wrote a ton in a journal this year. I got so many pretty journals from friends. I gather you all know I love to write, ha!
  • I didn't song write once and I didn't learn the piano, but I got a piano. It's still in my garage and it still needs to be painted.. maybe 2015? 
  • I cut my bangs and so far this year I've purchased a handful of new lipstick. yay. 
  • I didn't run a 5k.. Trey actually did during Thanksgiving. But I did take up running again. 
  • Trey and I both have eaten more healthy meals this year. Are you as surprised as me for Trey? 
  • I didn't have a conversation with my mother in Spanish, but I did pay more attention and ask her questions as to what was being said. 
  • I didn't find a job I absolutely love but I'm finding out more about myself. That counts, right? Also, I got a raise. So that was pretty boss.
  • Didn't write an article to submit, didn't plant flowers (pups) and didn't garden at all this year (pups, again) < that one made me really sad. 
Lastly, I had a resolution to love myself more. I really feel like I've begun to accomplish that one. It may take me my whole life but I've looked at myself and thought, "I know and trust God does not make mistakes". I know He created me with a purpose. I know He created me to be what I am. Through that, I've become such an advocate for women. Maybe I can't be labeled as a feminist but I love to stand up for other women in a lot of ways. This year I've learned I don't like body shaming and I really believe that includes body shaming ourselves, not just others. I think in learning to love myself, I've grown to love everyone for who they are and what they look like. 

If you work hard enough for something, you will see fruit from effort. If you plant enough seeds, you will have a wonderful harvest. I have quite a few resolutions this coming year and I'm so excited about them. 

I know I have one more day but in case I haven't said it before, thank you for being on this journey with me. This blog has proven so much for me, even if it's not conveyed to others through my writing. I'm thankful for the ability to have an opinion and I'm very grateful that you type in my blog and come read every once in awhile. It means the world to me. 

One more day, guys. Anyone have any resolutions they want to share? 

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