Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some elves took down our beloved Christmas tree.

Off comes the dress shirt so he can put away lights :(
Hi there. 
How is everyone's 2015 going so far? I hope really well. We are 4 days in and already one of my best friends has gotten married! Yay, Holly and Wade. I've been sick since New Years' Eve, so I missed my absolute favorite part of ringing in the new year.. watching the ball drop. Is that anyone else's favorite? I mean I waited all year for it and I missed it. It was so sad for me. I guess I'll just have to wait until next year. 

Last night after the wedding Trey started taking down the Christmas tree. I mentioned in November that this year we decided on a real tree. It died in exactly 30 days. I guess because we were so busy we kept forgetting to water it. But it was so beautiful. I will never go back to fake trees again. The magic is in real trees, y'all. I helped Trey box some of the ornaments and it was just so sad. He finished taking the lights down and insisted that the little elves were geniuses for having the knowledge to pack stringed lights into boxes. He just didn't get it ;) I love this man, you guys. His playful heart is one of the things that makes me miss him so much already and he's not even gone. 

Trey leaves in exactly a week today. I'm trying to ignore the fact and pretend it's not happening. We start our week off together today and we're so happy. Here's to a full week with my love before he has to leave me. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful last few hours of the weekend! Make em count ;)

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