Friday, January 9, 2015

post wedding - morning of the big day!

Hey y'all. 
I've got a weekend away with my sweetest love and I thought while we're all sitting around the table, talking/ sorta social media-ing it, I would share a few pictures from the morning of Holly's wedding. I was honored that Holly asked me to take the picture of her slipping on her wedding dress and also getting the "first look" of her dad seeing her in the dress. It was a happy day, people. 
Brit with her stunning lip shade. 
I wish I had more. I was in the middle of a really sick week, so every chance I got to sit down, I was taking it! I took as many as I could and then left the rest up to everyone else with their camera phones. I'm still glad I got to be part of this day! Thanks, Hol and Wade. Love you guys! :)

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