Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bills, thank you's and other cool things.

hello there.
I'm home after a very short weekend in Austin. Trey left me to head to the DPS academy today. I am so sad. Am I allowed to say that on here? Well, I am. It's the truth. I'm trying not to be the girl who cries on her bed before sleeping but I'm sad to report that's what will probably happen tonight. I'm about to be without my best friend for six months. If that sounds like torture, it's because it probably is.  

I walked into my house after the two hour trip home to find Bev had shampoo'ed our carpets twice and finished my laundry. Guys/girls, I don't know how you feel about coming home to an extra clean house, but for me it's the same thing as getting extra cherries on your ice cream Sundae when you didn't even ask for them. I mean it was just the best feeling ever after feeling crummy this weekend. 
Bev sent me a picture this weekend of some goodies Aunt Wendy in Hawaii sent us. Her Happy New Years card said some pretty sweet things. The package contained some Hawaii pictured calendars and some of the best cookies you'll ever taste. I always appreciate packages and handwritten anything. 

I used the Thank You cards Molly got me from World Market. They're cute teal and gray with butterflies. I love Christmas gifts like those! I also was super excited after two long hours of bill paying to have fished out of my purse (in my attempts to throw away receipts and clean out the thing)  a Shutterfly coupon for a free calendar. Sometimes I curse and love the credit cards we have. They bring me so many cool goodies. I hope I can get the picture calendar made before Trey makes his first trip home. I already miss him so much and it hasn't even been 24 hours. 
This was our goodbye picture. Him having to shave his head takes me back to our sophomore year of high school when he was cutting his hair super short to combat the Texas heat for football two-a-days. The 16 year old in me kind of melted. I'll miss that jet black hair but for now I'm kind of diggin the shaved head ;)

I love you, babe. 159 more days to go! 

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