Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday happy.

I'm not sure if they're too happy I got a camera.
Since I don't have children yet, they're the only things I'm all
too ecstatic to take pictures of on my time off
Well hello friends! Today I turned 23. I wasn't all that thrilled about being 23. After all, no one wrote any songs about being 23. There hasn't been magic left in the number quite since Michael Jordan retired his jersey and let's face it, who really likes odd numbers? The day was pretty casual. I wore my favorite skirt and that shirt I swore I would give back to my sister months ago -- and I headed off for work at 7:45 this morning.
As the day progressed, I got my happy birthday wishes and lots of love and of course lover took me to my favorite sandwich shop for lunch. Things don't get better than Steves' in Brownwood. Not when it comes to soup :) My phone died a little after lunch -- yes, I forgot to charge it last night, yes I know -- and for the rest of the afternoon I worked! My co-workers came in singing me happy birthday with some of the yummiest chocolate cake I've had to date. I'm still laughing at their impromptu singing and giggles.
I got the thing I've wanted most in the entire world -- a new SLR digital camera. My family and friends blessed me with it and I couldn't be more thrilled or thankful. I have the best people loving me and I wouldn't trade them for the world!
Incase you were even interested, here are 23 things you might not have known about me:
[1] I was born a month premature.
[2] When I was little, I got my hair caught in an escalator.
[3] I used to drum on crayon boxes and sing in contests.
[4] My favorite singer was Shania Twain until I was 12.
[5] I didn't learn to read until I was almost 8.
[6] I graduated when I was 17.
[7] Halfway through college, I went to a bible school for 5 months.
[8] Someone taught me 3 chords on the guitar and I was hooked after that.
[9] I never thought I'd learn to harmonize until last year.
[10] I awkwardly smell my dishes/silverware before using them.
[11] My mom is Spanish and my dad is Guamanian and I'm very proud that I'm both.
[12] I can only speak English despite the fact that my father is fluent in 5 other languages.
[13] I was born in Oklahoma on a military base.
[14] I live in Texas but am not country at all.
[15] Despite living in Texas, I don't really have a Southern accent (Northerners beg to differ ;) )
[16] I got married when I was 20, even before I graduated college.
[17] I married my high school sweetheart.
[18] The thought of dyeing my hair was terrifying until I finally did it last year.
[19] I have been obsessed with the color red since Trey and I got married.
[20] Our wedding had so many accidental different colors in it, no one knew the actual ones.
[21] I used to be 5'3" but now I'm barely 5'2".. Weird, I know.
[22] I am ridiculous when it comes to Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles.
[23] I'll always try to look at anything in my world through my love colored lens.
Happy day, everyone. Hope you enjoy all the minutes left in this day! 

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