Thursday, November 21, 2013

What a routine.

Last night was a good one. My parents came over for a crock pot meal that I had prepped after I ate lunch at home. It was Bev's famous chicken & rice, just in the crock pot. Everyone seemed to like it even though I know I can't get it as good as Bev's! In time I'm sure :) They ate the last bit of birthday cake over talk about work, church and just life. Those are the best nights for me. After fellowship with my husband and parents, Trey let the puppies freely roam the house. They never get to relax for too long because after their dinner, he has them into their routine. And what a routine it is! After just a week or so, they've learned to "roll over" and "beg" courtesy of my very patient husband. They're such smart dogs! I can't imagine not having them with us! They make snuggling in the Winter and walks in the Summer so much better. 

I love the routine of this Wednesday. And even though I had plans on doing some short workouts with Trey -- I must've had the worlds longest day because while waiting, I fell asleep! In the time I was asleep, Trey got himself and the pups ready for sleep AND cleaned the entire kitchen and dining room. What a sweetheart. Sometimes getting extra help from him can mean more than a dozen roses. Thank you, love! 

And sometimes, babe goes a little out of his normal routine to help me with mine. 

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