Monday, November 25, 2013

Eat, smoke, drink coffee -- repeat.

There has never been a day go by that I am not thankful for my parents. They're the ultimate parents. Silly, sweet, smart, kind, caring and best of all loving. My favorite times are around the kitchen table - talks about life, love and everything in between. Sunday they came for some chili I made -- courtesy of my momma. She walked me through it via call and text and it turned out pretty fantastic. 

It was a simple Paulino meal -- chili, corn bread, white rice, the usual. Aside from the eating part, lately I've been in the habit of just watching my parents. Every move they make. The way my mom pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose while she eats. How sweet and quiet she is while eating. My dad always making sure to compliment my silverware or something he notices that's new. His commenting on the food - "mm this is so awesome" - to make me feel better if I think it didn't turn out like momma's. I can always appreciate my cooking a little more when they have shared it with me and Trey.

There isn't a time when I don't remember their routine being: eat, smoke, drink coffee. That was just them. And even though the whole idea of smoking makes me a little concerned and sad -- it's just them. My dad always smells of Lubriderm moisturizer, coffee and cigarettes. My mom smells like Ponds cold cream, coffee and sometimes cigarettes. I know to you, this sounds like it may not smell that great. You're probably thinking, cigarettes? But there is something about it.. it just feels and smells like home to me. It just isn't a bad smell. It smells like familiarity and a certain calmness that I just can't get anywhere else. It isn't overwhelming like some people after they've smoked a few cigarettes and they reek of it. It's not one of those smells. It's just my momma and daddy. It's just normalcy. I love them for it. Even though I hate smoking and I hate what it does to others, I love them for that familiarity.

So just when I couldn't love them anymore.. I do. I love their eat, smoke, drink coffee and repeat cycle. I'll love you guys to the stars and back forever.

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