Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Everything I forgot to mention.

I don't suppose I'll be very good at updating as often as I should on this blog of mine. I try really hard, though! I could never really tell you why I share the things that I do. For instance, this picture of this old coffee maker. I just love coffee. Something about it feels like sitting in the den with my mom, mid-morning on a Saturday while she reads her newspaper. It's that same calm that comes from smelling their post-cigarette smoking. I love coffee. It reminds me of all things good. 
Tucker, "here want me to pose for you" -- thank you. 
Frankie speaking to our youth. 

Thank you's to all of those who helped me get my camera! 
I'm still swooning & just know it sits by my 
bed every single night. Ridiculous, I know. 
I just love these two. 
He's just so stinkin cute. I don't even want to trim the hair
around his face because I selfishly think it looks too cute.
Hope he can see where he's going! 

If you see yourself on this blog, just know how much I love you.

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