Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No better place than a blog to write your New Year's resolutions.

any time I think about them I slightly panic. It's the pressure of identifying new ones and coming to terms with all of the ones you failed to complete from the year before. That's literally how I felt this morning while I was lying in bed. Did I really join the gym in February and stop going in October? Did I really find anything I truly like about myself? Did I seek to love even the unlovable? Those weren't all of them.. but they were the mighty big ones. 

I often have to ask myself what my purpose here is. Have I pushed to have a more intimate, sincere relationship with God and His people? Have I loved someone through their toughest times, even when I'm in a tough spot myself? I have these questions swirling in my head every day and yet I don't act on them. I'm not really sure what kind of person I left behind. I know you're probably thinking, "left behind?.. last year was yesterday, how could you have left yourself behind?". And after thinking about this answer for a long while, I decided that girl was beautiful, smart, less independent than I remember, but more dependent in a good way and very stubborn. 

Too stubborn to do all of the things she wanted because they weren't "practical" and because someone told her they were impossible. That girl totally forgot words like 'chance' and 'possibility'. This year I don't want to be that girl. I want to be the girl who makes herself happy. 

  • falls in love with her husband every day
  • laughs more than cries
  • buys the car she's wanted forever
  • spends way too much time on Pinterest
  • stops planning every minute of her free time
  • takes walks when the weather is nice
  • takes walks when the weather isn't nice
  • takes more pictures
  • writes more in a journal
  • becomes an aspiring songwriter
  • learns to play the piano
  • plays more guitar
  • cuts her bangs
  • wears more lipstick
  • runs a 5k 
  • eats more healthy meals
  • has a conversation with her mother in Spanish
  • finds the job she loves 
  • writes an article and submits it
  • starts gardening early
  • plants flowers
  • loves herself 
There's plenty more.. 
I figure if there are a ton.. I can at least try -- there's no failing in that.

xo from me.

ps: blogger has notified me this is my 100th post with you guys. So thank you for a wonderful 100 blog posts :)


  1. these are AWESOME resolutions!! i've been reading a lot of resolutions lately and a common one is talking in a different language... also on my list!!!

    always love yourself, every year... starting this year. and plant flowers, smile, laugh. and get that car!!

    happy new year!


    1. very sweet, thank you Amber. i've read quite a few resolutions since posting this and some are very creative -- stuff I've always wanted to try and haven't gotten around to actually saying it out loud! yes, you're right -- ALWAYS love yourself, every year. :) thank you for your kind words.