Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I can't even fathom to tell you how sick both Trey and I were in this picture. We had just finished cleaning up after Trey's high school (and college) friend Hayden's wedding. He was part of the wedding party, one of the groomsmen, and we were trying to fulfill the "many hands make a light load" idiom. Of course we were glad to help but since we were both sick and it was cold out -- we just wanted to snuggle up in that hotel room, get warm and catch some instant zzzz.

And though I just said we wanted sleep at this point, we both wanted pancakes and waffles more. We were dreaming about fresh strawberries and breakfast goodies. We left the hotel (after swearing we would truck on into bed as soon as we returned from the wedding) only to find ourselves changing into tights, sweats, long sleeved shirts, scarves, boots -- the whole 9 yards and heading out again a little after 1 am.

I won't even tell you that our 1 am breakfast was ruined or why. It'll gross you out. It grossed me out. Trey was so sad for me and my poor food that he didn't even want to finish his own. I'm not even ashamed to say we spent a ridiculous amount on our breakfast and then left for Whataburger for biscuits and honey. I'm not sure at that point if anything else sounded sane. Needless to say, we headed back to the hotel with defeat dripping from our worn bodies.

In the midst of wedding chaos, I did manage to get some me time. Trey was super busy with Hayden and the rest of the wedding crew of groomsmen. We missed each other on our trip but we knew it would be by far one of the busiest weekends to date and we had prepared ourselves for it. I spent a few hours that he was tied up shopping here and there and exploring down town. It was quite an adventure. I was grateful for some time to myself - driving and walking time.

Even though we both spent the weekend (not all of it, thank God!) sick -- busy and all -- it was fun. I'm still a little sickly though -- but happy Tuesday.


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