Monday, December 30, 2013

This, that and Christmas.

Did I imagine things or did Christmas literally just come and go? Normally I soak up every single Christmas related thing but geesh -- it was outta here before I could blink. I can't say I wasn't blessed, though. We sang Christmas songs, baked yummies and bought as much red as our closets could handle. Though we never really got around to hanging Christmas lights, the inside of our house looked very festive. I was thankful for that. 
Homemade coffee creamer!! 
And a little bit of baking to end my weekend

The pictures of little Bloom ^^ were from a few weeks ago when she did a fashion show at our mall. Being the person I am, I was late -- :| -- and missed her model debut. I was kicking myself for the next few hours. I was so sad I missed it.. and that I caused Trey to miss it. Hopefully she will get signed so I can be her side annoying auntie photographer ;)

The next few pictures are from a Christmas party we attended. Every single thing cooked, baked or otherwise was homemade. Pinterest ideas ;) and recipes passed down from friends. The Brown's outdid themselves, it was delicious! We had a white elephant gift exchange and plenty of laughs following. And of course, I'm ending on this weekends baking frenzy I went on. Actually, it wasn't a baking frenzy.. it was a sprinkles frenzy because we all know how much I love sprinkles. 

I'm excited for the new year to come. Who knows what 2014 will bring. I'm thankful for 2013 as I have learned a lot through this year. PS: Tomorrow is Jo's birthday. Wish her a happy Jo day if you get the chance!!

And if you were further wondering ^^ that is homemade Peppermint Punch that you can find on my Pinterest HERE -- ;)