Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas-talk, babies, Lightroom and best friends who are getting married in 18 (!!!!) days.

Hey all! 

I hope everyone is doing fantastic. Guys. Christmas. 9 days. Is everyone else just as excited as me if not even more?! Christmas lights everywhere. Hot cocoa.. everywhere! ;) Just so happy about all of the cheer and spirit. 

A lot of exciting things are happening lately. Typically I would make you a list of all those things but are you getting tired of my lists? So sorry. I was always a list maker in school. And by was I mean still am. I find small lists on tiny pieces of paper all over my house sometimes. I don't know how out of all of the trash, those seem to withstand the cleaning? It's things that say like: fabric sheets, paper towels, dish soap, etc. and others are not so nice to myself, those include: clean the blinds!, you need to vacuum, dust the nightstands, you need to clean off the table, don't forget to etc., etc. - I guess I'm always really harsh on myself even in list form, ha! OKAY, sorry. Enough about my list making. I guess I will actually make you a short list of all the beautiful things happening:

- Becky had baby Eden. She is so beautiful!
- Taza had baby Davis. I know I don't actually know them y'all but I've waited a long time for this ;)
-  Tommy (my father-in-law) finally got his rifle for Christmas.
Everyone agreed on a few days before Christmas so he could still hunt with it before season ends. My husband made this video for when it was opened. 
- We took Holly's bridals a few weeks ago and we finally put Lightroom on my computer so that I could try my hand at editing. 
She's beautiful, people. I have pretty friends! She's getting married in 18 (!!!) days and we are so excited for her and Wade. Lightroom was a bit difficult, but what isn't when you're first trying to learn? I'm going to enjoy more nights of, Babe, I can't do this! It's hard! ;)  Love you babe, thanks for putting up with me!!!
- My parents bought us the prettiest chairs for our kitchen table. We have been struggling to find the right ones for months! I have the coolest, sweetest parents.
- I started running again. We have been going to the gym consistently together for a year and a few months ago Trey started training and running in preparation for the last thing on my list. I decided a few weeks ago that I would start running again. So I've sort of poured over posts and advice to start again. I used to be a runner. Every morning before school, every evening, and weekends were not 'weekends' for me. When it came to running, it was just part of my normal routine. I'm glad to have started again because in the few times I've went (the first time was so so tough and I wanted to cry because it's never been so hard) I've already managed to shed 3 minutes from my time. Thank you, Jesus! I could've cried at that, too.. 
And finally.. 
-I have been talking about Phases for months. Trey and I made a few special trips into the city for each phase of him becoming a Texas Trooper. Some of his family (and most of mine) are in law enforcement or work for law enforcement in office and this was a literal dream come true for me. I used to say I wanted to marry a military man and when Trey announced to me, while dating ;), that he probably would never go military, a little part of the Army brat in me died. But then a little ways through college (and marriage) he decided DPS was the route for us. I am overjoyed and so thankful for all of the support from our family and friends. Thank you guys for encouraging us through this journey! January is such a big month for us and we couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities God has blessed us with. 

There you have it, my list of good news. We can't even begin to talk about Christmas coming in 9 days because really, it feels like forever away and at the same time it feels like it may come too quickly. I love you, Christmas! Can't wait to see all of my beautiful friends come in for the break. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

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