Monday, December 15, 2014

My greatest gift.

One of the many flowers Bev brings home that have finally withered away ;)
Good morning!
While I feel like I'm scrambling to get ready for Christmas, I thought I would stop by to say hello and to tell you I'm praying this holiday season is magical for you. I spent all day yesterday with my stunner of a husband and beautiful Bev. We had a great day shopping, getting our families gifts. I saw a post on Instagram of someone basically saying he got the coolest camera bag (only adding to his joy for this season) during the time when we celebrate our Jesus being born. He was so thankful and my thoughts were that we should feel the same. Our greatest gift this season is the birth of Christ. We are so infinitely blessed, my friends. The gifts you get under the tree or in your stockings are just sprinkles on the sundae. 

Celebrate, celebrate! 

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