Monday, December 8, 2014

The story of a 5am-er.

Once upon a time there was a girl and she went to 5 am work outs. 
She worked really hard and did this work out for the first time and 7/8ths dominated it. She went home after her Carrie inspired workout and ate some pumpkin, flax-seed rolled oats cereal (yum). Then while texting her two friends, she fell asleep on her kitchen table. After hearing her husband urge her to get ready for work about 30 minutes post morning nap, she decided it was time. She got ready, make-upless and didn't run the straightener through her blow dried hair and was on her way out of her house when she then realized she couldn't find her phone. Through the bedroom! Through the bathroom! Through the kitchen and couch. Where did the girl leave this phone of hers? Alas, there it lay on the kitchen table where she took her unexpected nap. 

Disclaimer: her husband mentioned again that a co-worker was coming after work before his company Christmas party. In between being a busy 5am-er, this girl was also cleaning. 

After petting her puppy goodbye, she grabbed a scarf and an over-sized tote and was out to leave her cozy home for the morning. "Be back at lunchtime!", she called to her home. < She didn't really verbally say that.. it was all in the eyes. 

And there you have it, the story of a 5am-er who accidentally took a nap and was late for work. 

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