Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All of the Christmas music my little heart can handle.

This past weekend we decorated the house (gradually finishing over the course of two weekends), put up our real tree (!!!) and hung Christmas lights (mostly Trey, mostly me handing him lights) and guys.. it was glorious. Last year I maybe complained that Christmas came and went and it didn't feel magical but y'all, I'm feeling it. Thanks for coming back to me, Christmas. The 7 year old me has missed you so, so much. 

I found these cute little ornaments for $3 each. You're probably like.. Vicky $3. Maybe that's a little expensive for one ornament but I couldn't help myself. I must have bought like 10 of the little, single ornaments because they were so darling. My little Mamie will love that giraffe ornament. I genuinely grabbed it and thought it was a pony. She's very into ponies as you can see here at her 2nd birthday party. I'm sorry that it's not a pony but isn't the giraffe cute?! ...Or maybe it's a unicorn? :\ 

We've mostly been soaking up the time before Christmas actually arrives. The weeks are so short. 3 1/2 weeks before the big day (we count right after Thanksgiving) just aren't enough weeks. I'm not allowed to decorate until after Thanksgiving but I started a week early. I kind of don't mind that Trey makes me wait. I was thinking how hard I try to make Christmas magical and I think if we decorate too early, it takes the magic right out and makes every other week feel like Christmas doesn't have it's own time. You're probably thinking I'm nuts right about now. I just love Christmas. The hot cocoa, the garland, the pretty lights, the music and the pine smell EVERYWHERE. Y'all. My heart is singing a different kind of joy. 

I missed you, Christmas. Won't you stay awhile? 

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