Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We attempted sugar cookies (and failed miserably).

A few weekends ago, Trey, the babes and I attempted to make some sugar cookies. The first part of making them was getting the ingredients. That was so tough. Mae was having a little meltdown in each of the stores (mostly because she wanted to roam freely and Aunt Ru wouldn't let her :\) and in my desperation I bought pre-made cookies instead of the ingredients to make them from scratch. 

I scrubbed my counters and poured out flour for the dough. I did the cutting out with Ri because he's my big helper and is easily my favorite person to bake with. I don't know how I didn't end up getting a picture of him helping me cut out the different shapes. I think because maybe my hands were so dough-ed up and floury. 
I asked Trey to take this picture to symbolize my need for an apron. I tend to use my pants, shirt or basically anything that's not a hand towel as a tool to wipe my hands on while baking. I wish I could be like my mom. She always had a hand towel casually thrown over her shoulder while she would cook or bake. I only wish I were that cool. 
I know you can't tell but they were dancing. I had my iPad set up on our book shelf and though it wasn't very loud, she had the best time dancing with her uncle Trey! Also, somewhere along the line she ditched her right sock. I'm still not sure where she left it. Oh, well. It'll show up eventually. 

I honestly don't even want to show you the cookies. They were so, so bad. But I had so much fun with the littles. They had a blast decorating those cookies. Mae sat in Uncle Trey's lap and Ri sat next to me at our cozy kitchen table. When we built it, I envisioned those times when people would be gathered around it with us, drinking coffee or, like last weekend, icing the sugar cookies. I'm so thankful we were able to make the table. It has proven to be my go-to spot out of all the comfortable places to rest in the house. It's where I eat my meals, go to write, do my thinking, read the Word, wrap gifts, open mail and the list goes on and on. 

I am so thankful for this season of my life. I was just thinking today what a blessing it is to have my niece and nephew. I remember a time when I was terrified to get married. And here I am, nearly 4 years later married to my best friend. I'm at the stage where I'm terrified to have children but then I hold my  niece and she tells me she loves me and I think having a little babe of my own wouldn't be so bad. I think for now I'll stick to being Aunt Ru. I will love you so much though, future little. You are constantly on my heart and mind. 

Well there it is. We attempted the sugar cookies and they were a fail. Christmas is coming and doesn't that just make it okay? It's like.. who even cares that the sugar cookies were a complete and total disaster. We will try again! Until then, don't come knocking on my door for any sugar cookies. :|

I hope you guys have a fantastic night/morning/day - whenever you read this. See most of you this weekend and next week for Christmas. :) 

Happy holidays from wherever you're reading!

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