Monday, November 24, 2014

Eden Joy.

 Hey you beautiful people. 
I just got home from a nice, long 40 minute work out at the gym and I'm sleepy. So sleepy that I've actually contemplated whether or not I'm going to eat breakfast because I can barely keep my eyes open. Nothing quite says good morning like bacon, in my book, but the truth is if I'm not talking, reading or writing, I'm sleeping. Okay so that's occasionally true but for this morning, it's a deadly tired that makes me think come 3 pm I will hate that I woke up that early for a work out. 

I feel like I put a lot of pictures of babies and pretty looking punch on my blog. Maybe just in different colors? Or maybe I don't. It sure feels like I do, though. Weekend before last we had a baby shower for my friend Becky. It was held at our church in the foyer where we decorated and did our best to make it look more baby friendly and less sanctuary-y. ;)
Trey free handed those little elephants and I cut them out.
It was serious team work that took us 30 minutes. 
I couldn't resist that little elephant in the store. So cute.
Beverly made this diaper cake.
Isn't her little belly the cutest? 

Eden, you are so lucky to have the parents that you do. 
Can't wait to meet you soon!!! 

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