Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Party & pie.

At 1 am I start taking pictures like a four year old, so excuse these if you think they're too blurry. Every year we have a Summer & Winter company party at my work and like all normal parties, we get together, eat and bid on a bunch of stuff my boss buys with fake money we've earned. I'm always sort of competing with myself, trying to make something better than the year before food wise. I made my first pie last July just for the sake of making a slightly homemade pie. So since I'm such a seasoned baker (insert eye rolling emoji), I thought I'd make my second one ever for our company party.

This actually went swimmingly until about 1 am when I realized just how tired I really was. It was a fun little pie to make and it was a hit at the party but.. I really am such a grandma. I like to be at home and ready for bed around 10 ish. Trey and I don't seem to have time for that anymore! But I have the best (well, the best for me) DIY to blog this week - the reason for going to bed late every night for a month - and I can't wait to snap the final pictures and show you beautiful people. All of that being said, I really wanted to share the pie with you guys. I found a pie over at Anecdotes and Apples where the hearts were cut out of the crust and that whole sheet of dough (with cut outs) was placed over as the top. I absolutely loved that idea but decided to do the reverse of that and use my cut out hearts. If you look on her "ABOUT" section, you'll see her perfectly cut out heart crusted pie that I'm totally jealous of :)

Also, I'm kicking myself because I forgot to take a shot of the pie after it was baked. My apologies.
And yes, I realized after I was completely done that I put the hearts in wrong.. sideways pie plate hearts. Stinkin 1 am. 

I hope everyone's week has been fantastic. 
Happy Wednesday! 

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