Sunday, June 29, 2014


My two sweet friends got married this weekend and it was by far the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended. I was so blown away by the decor and all of the gorgeous flowers. I don't think I've ever seen a person glow as much as my friend, Amara. What a stunning bride and handsome groom. 

My guy is so sharp. 
 Loved that lettering above their table. 
 Gorgeous cakes. 
 ..And we won't even talk about what it tasted like. 
Let's just say I'm still swooning. 
 Those gorgeous Davis girls. 
 Ex rooms love forever. 
 Suit suits him. 
 We each swooned over her dress all night. Gorgeous choice. 
 Stealing pictures from across the patio. 
 I know so many handsome fellas. 
 Sparkler love. 

Words couldn't describe how incredibly proud I am of you both, Gibson & Amara. 
I've been praying for your journey together for a very long time. I love you both and I'll continue to pray and believe in your union. I wish you joy, happiness and the kind of love that will always take your breath away. Be silly, be playful and be kind with one another. You're beautiful and I'm so happy for you both!
Love you, Mr. & Mrs. Truett Gibson Hull III. 



  1. Congrats to Gibson & Amara Hull...wishing them many years of blessings & a very happy marriage...
    Beautiful pictures ;)
    -Shawna Cubbage Garcia