Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So maybe pie makes things better..

I realize earlier I may have been a grouch..
..a big one.

Well, I made the decision while I was supposed to be at the gym -- I know, I know
that I would make a homemade pie. Slightly homemade. I didn't make the crust. But you get the idea.
So, I went home and I made that pie.

Mixed Berry Pie it is. I was trying to make this scrumptious looking pie that I saw in a magazine somewhere and I ended up making the recipe that was on the pie crust box.. sometimes you have to be semi-homemade.. right? Right.

The pie was yummy even though I sometimes can't decide whether or not I'm a fan of raspberries and blackberries (only because the seeds make me cringe a little). Tonight, I was a fan.
The pie turned out okay -- even though you know it never ends up like the pictures you see on boxes and in magazines. Sometimes, you just have to be okay with that.

And sometimes.. pie just makes everything a little better.
Especially since today I got accused of being responsible for the missing blender at work.. um, what?

I guess I can put that on my resume as "skills"..
Alright, alright.. that still sounds a bit grouchy.. let's just look at the pie process
In case anyone was wondering, Amara
and I weren't very happy with Brookeshires produce
Not very fresh -- but you do with what you've got.

I was missing blueberries but this was so yummy

So maybe I'm an amateur and I like that about myself

The finished product & all of its
sweet imperfections

& one slice for the girl
who had to try her own pie
And guess what?
--I liked it.
 Guess who is not a grouch anymore?
Thank you mixed-berry pie.