Monday, June 23, 2014


Trey had a beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL) arrangement of flowers sent to my work & this is what he got sent to his work.
Thank you, Man Crates! My guy definitely liked the all things bacon crate & opening it with that crowbar while at work.. let's just say he was excited. 
This year I opted to let Trey choose what he wanted to do for our anniversary. The previous years were concert filled, beautifully planned wining and dining and our entire house filled with candles while our wedding song played in the back - he's turning into a romantic, don't let him fool you ;) 
This year, I really wanted him to choose our plans. Surprise, surprise.. he wanted to take the boat out on our barely existing lake. At first I was pretty bummed only thinking but you always go fishing.. or but you're always on the lake.. but I stopped myself. I told him he could pick and I was ruining it! So Friday night he took the boat out with his dad to make sure everything was kosher with it. Turns out it wasn't and there was some left over fuel still in the tank which caused it to stall a lot. They'll get that fixed later.. So there went that Saturday plan. The next plan was that he wanted to spend time working in our backyard and then have a steak dinner out on the back patio. Typical guy choices but since I love working in the yard/garden/patio and getting it nice and clean, this was actually fun for me, too. 
And because his favorite dinner is steak, potatoes and asparagus - that's what we had. 
Here's our little charcoal grill and our flower bed turned fire pit. 

It was the most chill anniversary celebration we've had to date. I love how easy and fuss-less it was this year. Every other year was beautiful but this one was just the perfect depiction of us. I love you, Trey Valencia.. and our manniversary dinner. 

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