Sunday, March 6, 2016

House additions.

Happy Sunday, everyone. 
Just wanted to show you how hard I'm working at adding little things here and there to our new home. I was too anxious to wash or steam the creases out of the curtains - but there they are - up & looking super Spring-y :) 

*Also, please note how I got to save nearly $15 on those curtains (!!!!)
Please excuse me not clearing off the table after my Target run. Please excuse the firearm (only sorry not sorry) because I live with a trooper, so you'll have to deal ;) ... And please excuse the dead flowers... and also the shirt drying on the chair. There's always a shirt drying on some chair in our house. I could keep going with the 'Please excuse..' but you'll just have to excuse it all because the list goes on and on. 

Enjoy the last little bit of Sunday before the next rise and grind!

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