Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buzzfeed recipes + Alba.

Hey everyone!

I keep trying to be more conscious of this little ole blog of mine and when I saw my laptop sitting so lonely on my nightstand, I knew there was something I could share, even if it was extremely random. 

Trey and I are kind of getting a kick out of these Buzzfeed recipe videos that are literally meal instructions in a minute or two. We feel so confident that we can make those meals and while sometimes we don ourselves having failed another perfectly videoed recipe, we have successful nights where we have easily and efficiently created one of the meals. 

Pictured above is one of those meals. I look back and realized all I did to help was pour flour and bread crumbs into the bowls for Trey (he's magic to watch while he cooks, truly) I still was so impressed that it really was as fast as the video had mentioned. 

*Sometimes we notice these videos leave out the ample amount of time you should be leaving the recipes including meat in the oven.. you really want to get that chicken cooked, guys*

We mmm'd and said yum maybe 15 times each during this dinner and we were so happy with the outcome. I love these nights with Trey. They seem so few and far between but they're still very special to me. 

Also wanted to mention in this post how much we love Alba. She was so hard to handle for me at first. She has such a playful personality and she's still considerably rambunctious for a little german shep but we adore her. She's my protector at home and my best bud while out on warm weather walks. I missed her this past weekend when we had to board her at the vet and it was heartbreaking to spend three nights away from her. I never realized just how quiet the house is when she's gone. 

She's grown so much and I'm so thankful she was the pick of the litter for us. 

Happy Wednesday, all!

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