Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mae for a few days.

Hey y'all,

How's your week been? Mine has been so much fun. My sis has been needing some rest, so this week I got to pick up Lyric (Mae) and spend some time with her. 

I don't know how all other mama's and papa's do it at their home but here there's aunt and uncle with full time jobs and a lot of trading and bouncing time around to spend with our little niece. Trey has gotten Mae in the mornings and after my lunch break, I get her at work for a few hours and then the whole evening. It's been so much fun as Mae is finally around the age where we can have full conversations and I understand exactly what she needs. I struggled in the beginning because I'm very much a person who needs communication and little babes can't exactly give you full sentences to say what they need. 

In the mornings, Trey has taken Mae to places like the car wash for my car (yikes, I know, but she thinks it's fun), the store to get stuff for our grass/yard that needs some extra loving before Summer comes and of course so Mae could get her and her brother some toys and a get herself a bathing suit - because, hello, it's April! :| LOL and then to trek on to get our lunches both days. Tomorrow morning Uncle Trey is off and he and Mae plan on going golfing. She's had an eventful week! 

While at work with me, she gets offered lots of lollipops from my co-workers and she gets to watch her Aunt Ru count money and type a lot on the computer ;) and she just sits and listens on her headphones to barbie movies on Netflix while maybe eating some strawberries or peaches. Also, we've become obsessed with peach Snapple at our house so that's also something else she's been trying while with us. 

I wish there was more we got to do together but mostly she just plays with Alba (errr, I use 'play' lightly because Alba is still a puppy and all you puppy owners know exactly what that means. Lots of noooo and stoooooppp is being thrown around. But mostly it's just a lot of love exchange. She snacks in the evenings and watches lots of cartoons and we just chit-chat until bed. I will miss her when she leaves me tomorrow but I'm so happy I got a few days with her. 

The above picture is just me documenting one of her favorite things: our shower ;) I sneak in and listen while she talks to her Peppa Pig toys and Alba just stands guard outside the door while I do things like laundry and dishes from lunchtime. I love that I get this time with Lyric before she's too big and would rather hang out with friends than family. I love her so, so much.

I hope your Wednesday has been as busy and fun as mine!

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