Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life lately + a random photo for good measure.

Tucker & I at Brit B's wedding. Love this guy. 
Here's a list of our life lately for you:

1. the Valencia household has MAJOR baby fever - who knows? we might be on the baby train soon enough ;)
2. we're in the household items purging mindset.. garage sale Saturday for all of you early birds!!
3. Trey's having a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow and we honestly couldn't be more excited
4. there are still fresh flowers on my kitchen table from Valentine's Day and it makes me so happy to see them in the early morning light before work
5. still on the hunt for a bridesmaids dress for Molly & Frankie's (Trey's little brother) wedding; thinking this is the winner or since I'm extremely indecisive maybe it's this one
6. as mentioned in my previous post, Trey and I got our year gym memberships and we could not be more happy (except Sunday when I could barely walk from my calf workouts.. yikes!)
7. fell in love with the bkr bottle site but since I can't yet commit to a $35 water bottle, found a cheaper one at Target (thanks, Court!)
8. bought new workout gear last weekend with my girlfriends from work and had the best time
9. found out I no longer like sour cream, aren't taste buds weird?
10. finally found a good Keurig coffee that literally touches my soul early in the morning. it happens to just be regular ole Donut Shop coffee - who knew? 

As you can read, not a whole lot going on in the Valencia household. I'm currently watching PS. I Love You while listening to my washer make a sound akin to rocket ship failure. I'm thinking it's time for a new washer/dryer pretty soon. Also, I almost always have a heart attack when the buzzer goes off letting me know my clothes are dry. :\ < here's to hoping Trey will read this, ha!

Happy last hour of Wednesday ;)

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