Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Small Christmas cookie recap.

I know what you're thinking.. we're WAY past Christmas. And you're right. But here is a night I really enjoyed. Trey bought me a pretty little mixer that I got to make the best sugar cookies with. Also, there was some first timers watching The Polar Express (okay! it was me!) in the living room while those cookies were in the oven making our mouths water.

The night was special because some of my favorite people came into our very crowded, little home and helped me decorate the mouth watering sugar cookies. Also, there might've been a little pre-Christmas gift opening..
OH.. yeah there it is ;)
 Helping me pick out cutters
 J is a quick learner and loves to help out
 I forget to buy stuff that actually makes icing cookies easy.. so 
we did all things make-shift and it worked out pretty okay
 It was definitely a learning experience for cookies.. 
but totally worth it
Couldn't miss the opportunity to snap a picture of Mae by the tree. I'll forever miss this stage where she is still little enough to want to hang candy canes with me and not be off with her friends. 

I'm so glad I still had these pictures hanging around my camera. I'm not good about uploading my pictures and even worse about letting time pass before I get to share my adventures. I'm working on it. What a year 2015 was. I have officially deleted ALL of the pictures off of my camera and am starting fresh. 

Beware all of you unsuspecting people out there who are oblivious to the big camera that'll be dangling from my hands. You never know when you'll show up on this blog. 

Happy Tuesday!

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