Thursday, February 4, 2016


Trey and I have been married for nearly 5 years and we have moved a total of 5 times. It feels like a million times by how much I loathe doing it. I
We've moved and cleaned and moved things around and cleaned around the things that are being moved. Man my head is spinning. I'm also trying to just settle down every night after work but so much has to be put in place and I can't seem to sit still until it happens. 
I asked my mom to snap a picture of me and Alba because I really don't ever have any (sad, I know) and also to brag that she's been pretty much the best dog ever since we've moved. She has settled in so perfectly!
Moving.. sigh.
I had to show you.. our closet doesn't have a door so I'm using our door to hang my shoes - only the door is outside of the frame so pretty much everyone gets to see my shoes on my feet and off..
Momma and Alba
These two are a pair. My mom feeds Alba and Alba loves her for it.. can't save any crackers in this house, guys. My mom and Alba will eat them all! ;)

Lately I've been thinking about the blog and how I want some serious changes to happen with it. I've spent several months being so uninspired (or maybe not letting myself get inspired) and over the course of this week, I've decided that inspiration can come from anywhere. It can't be labeled and it can't be pinned down to any one thing. It just is what it is. I'm so inspired by my husbands everyday courage, by my pups playfulness, by my parents and their hard work, by my strong friends who can overcome grave sadness and by these amazing mama bloggers I get the privilege of reading everyday while I get breaks at work. I look so forward to reading about their lives and being inspired by them. I'm ready to be on a new 2016 journey with you, if you'll have me!

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