Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016 [WHAT].

Y'all - how is it seriously already 2016?! I can't even believe it's the new year (and lazily enough on my blog end) we're already almost to February and then I'll write another blog titled "February 2016.. WHAT?!"

Just kidding. I'll spare you.

I've been thinking a whole lot about my absence on the blog and I wouldn't really like to continue doing that to all three of you. So I will do my very best (see how I avoided words like promise and definitely/certainly?) Because lately for me.. my best is as good as it gets! 

Our biggest update it that we're moving out of our itty bitty house into a pretty one with hardwood (!!!) floors. February 1st seems like so far away.. only it's not! 

Other than that, we went back to our old home this weekend and saw our people and man it was much needed. We got to recharge and laugh and celebrate and it was amazing. I miss you all. 

Here's to more blogging, more planning and more laughing. I'm loving you already, 2016!

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