Thursday, September 17, 2015


Do you remember when we first moved here in July and I wrote a painful paragraph about the heartbreak losing our pup Charlotte? I felt like I would never want another dog again. Ever. But Trey really wanted another puppy to play with and to stand guard over our house while he's standing guard over our border (thanks, baby!). 

After searching high and low, Trey found some beautiful little German Shepherds over in Bastrop (I wanted all white but all we could find in our price range was all black) and Trey fell in love via picture. 

That little thing blending into my leather seats is Alba Rowe. 

While Trey has been at work, we mostly nap and mostly play with the toys we've gotten here. We go over tricks and we try desperately to learn to potty train. We're also working on the whole not chewing thing. It isn't going so well. RIP: sandals, iPhone charger, favorite blanket and beach towel. You will be missed. 

Here's to many more pictures of our black ball of fur. Still miss my Char-girl, though :(

Happy Thursday!

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