Thursday, November 26, 2015

My favorite time of the year.

Hello there, everyone.

I'm pretty sure it's been months since I've said hello. So sorry. I won't abandon you anymore, I promise. 

I went through a pretty rough patch this Summer. Trey and I had moved and I did my best to put on a brave face but actually I was pretty sad. I was mostly lonely and I didn't feel like (at the time) sharing that with anyone. Now I'm hoping I can help someone when they read this little ole blog of mine and see that it just happens. Sometimes it just takes getting out and not letting life get the best of you. I had major unnecessary cabin fever - had no job at the time - and wasn't coping with it very well. So let me update you. 

We got a puppy! Her name is Alba. I will probably do a whole post on her pretty soon. Still pretty heartbroken over Charlotte but Alba fills the emptiness in my fur-lovin' heart with her rambunctiousness and playfulness. I can't wait for you to officially meet her. 

I got a job at a really great bank. I never thought I'd be a banker but truthfully it's the best job I've ever had. I know you're thinking but you're only 25.. how can it be the best? Well, you should work at a bank and see ;) plus, bankers hours?! Who can complain? 

I turned 25! Just last week. I was really excited for 25. It feels like such a grown up age to say, "Hi, I'm Vicky and I'm 25" - okay, so I won't say that.. and maybe it's not very adult-like to say things like 'it feels grown up' but it totally does. Wait till you're 25 and see! (and if you're past it, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about).

And lastly, and probably not all that fascinating to you, or maybe it is! Trey and I cooked nearly the entire Thanksgiving lunch by ourselves. We were so proud of each other and proud of how things turned out. So thankful my momma walked me through her famous dressing via FaceTime (thankful for FT!) and so thankful I have such a patient husband who helped me all around the kitchen and made the perfect turkey his very first time around. Homemade pumpkin pie and yummy green bean casserole. Also, very thankful my sister and her family showed up to celebrate such a heartfelt day with us. We are so, so very thankful for family.

Here are a few food pictures:
I had to get this picture of the turkey before it was cooked. Trey had fresh rosemary inside and was sprinkling sage on top. I didn't get his hand in this picture but I loved that you can see him putting the finishing touches at the top of the picture. He worked hard and researched the best way to cook this turkey. He's wonderful.
Homemade pumpkin pie spices ;) yum
Ah, isn't that a beautiful bird?! :)
Momma's dressing - it's forever my favorite!
So much pretty yellow! 
So thankful for this time of year. It always lifts my spirit and makes me the happiest girl alive. 
Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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