Thursday, August 13, 2015


Yesterday Trey and I met our family a few towns over at the zoo. I was really excited because I really didn't get to spend much time with my sister and niece/nephew when I was home (insert annoyed emoji, thanks sick days) and I had not seen my oldest niece and her little girl, Sophia, in a really long time. I was happy to spend time with everyone and doubly happy that Trey decided to spend his day off chasing little rats around with me ;)
Uncle Trey is the best at explaining what each reptile/animal is and what they can do. 
All of the kids did really great despite the 105 degree weather!
 Meg and I always joke that Mae and Soph are little versions of us. We were the best of friends when we were just babies ;) the good ole days!
 Just like her mama, nail biter!
Ri needed Aunt Ru to watch him jump... Okay, I made him jump. I love watching them have fun!
I really couldn't get over how beautiful these animals were. They're truly breathtaking. 
This little guy was something else. He loved the attention, too!
It got to be a little too hot for the girls. I hated that the heat was so draining on them. They were such troupers, though!
The heat was truly so taxing on these little bodies. I just wanted to hug them over and over, though, because they really ran to each animal with such enthusiasm. Everything was so new and exciting to them. We stopped by for water and lemonade and a woman that worked at the zoo mentioned the newly arrived African birds in the building behind her. My sister looked at me and laughed - all we heard was air conditioning and we were super relieved to stop in and get some cool air. The kids ate it up and got to play in some a/c for a little bit. I didn't even mind this blurry picture because it was like the hydration and a/c revamped them and they were good as new! I love these kids. 
These poor sunflowers needed a drink so badly but I still can't get over how beautiful the yellow is on the petals. 
Can't forget this little guy. SO cute. 
The girls on the train! The most anticipated event ;)
We ended our zoo trip in the gift shop. It was more like a huge play area with lots of fun toys for the kids. They got some tattoos and tried on masks and had a blast. I loved watching Mae run from station to station. Wasn't she just born yesterday?! Goodness, time flies. 

So thankful for the morning with my family. I missed them much!

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