Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Small living quarters - p2.

Ever since Trey and I moved, I came to the sad realization that my old peg board (from last September) for my pots and pans would be a bit too big for our cozy, little home. Part II of living in small spaces features a new, smaller peg board with a different color. 

This year I have been absolutely obsessed with blue, so all of the shades I can find (most similar to this blue on the board) I've been dressing up my kitchen with. Hand towels, knick-knacks and curtains galore - if I can find it, it'll most likely get put up in my kitchen. 

 I love bamboo cooking utensils. 
My favorite pan... that I stole from my papa ;)

I hope this helps all of you people who were once like me.. three days ago (ha!) struggling to pick up pots/pans out of very limited cabinet space. I was running out of spaces and patience because the pans were stacked and not very well, I might add and falling all over the place. This idea came from Emma's Dining Room on the ABM blog. I've always loved their creativity and this is something I'm positive I will find a way to do in every single house we move into. 

Thank you, babe, for helping me put up the board! 
Happy Tuesday!

PS: For those wondering, a friend of mine cut down some peg board for me. I imagine you can get it at any hardware store (i.e. Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.). We picked out a spray paint color and gave it a few coats. It took me two, make sure you keep a steady hand so you don't have obvious lines. Then we got the hooks at Home Depot (very inexpensive like these).  Be sure to get all of the sizes correct so you can stack pots and pans in case you run out of room! I have some long and some short, so it's just preference. A very helpful hint is make sure you measure your wall before those nice people at the hardware store (or someone who loves you with power tools ;) ) cuts down your board. It will save so much time. You will also need anchors and screws (we have these) to hold up your board. Regular screws/nails won't do the trick because of the weight. Leave comments if you have questions! 

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