Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wedding dresses galore.

One of my oldest and best friends is getting married (!!!) to my brother-in-law and yesterday her friends were honored to be in attendance to wedding dress shopping! 

It was such a fun day. I laughed so hard and was just so happy in general to see people who have always felt like family. Also, bonus: when one of your good friends is marrying your brother in law, your in laws are now in attendance to all of the fun ;) so that was a treat seeing them, as well!
 Bridal shop #2 - such pretty dresses at Lulu's
 Then again at Patsy's (the winner !!!!)
 The third shop was the charm. 
 so many beautiful dresses
 Molly's mama (Mrs. Kimmie) got Molly a bag of cute bridal things and inside that bag was some of the best sweets I've EVER had. You can get them at Jacob's Pharmacy if you're reading from home :)


Pretty Molly Jane.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day. I love you!

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