Friday, July 10, 2015

Moving to a new place.

Hey, y'all!

Trey and I have recently moved and wow has it ever been challenging. We've had plenty of people come help us and make the whole moving situation a bit easier. My parents also stayed for the majority of this week to help smoothen the transition. I'm still in the "my cabinets have a funky smell" phase. Hoping that passes quickly.

My sweet little puppy, Charlotte, got out of the backyard gate last Friday and after hours of searching the streets for her, Trey's sergeant from the academy found her on the highway. She did not survive being hit and it was probably the most devastating thing that happened to me this year. Losing a fur baby (when you don't actually have any babies yet) is so painful. I'm sorry to anyone who reads this and has lost a baby and is very offended. I apologize. I don't mean to parallel animal to human but my feelings on the situation won't change. I was terribly sad. I think I cried for two straight days. It took me a few days, but the mention of her doesn't make me want to curl up into a ball and cry now. We traveled a few hours back home to bury her on Trey's mom/step dad's land. I couldn't imagine leaving her here when we have to move again. She's with Jesus and hopefully was welcomed with a ton of ice cream cones, being that they're her favorite. Miss my girl. 

Other than still trying desperately to get situated, our little town hasn't been too bad. It's a small town of about 1,300 people. There's not any big supermarkets for a few miles but there's some good bar-b-que down the road and a good little live music place. Can't complain. Thank you, Texas. 

Here's to hoping this Summer in our new town is wonderful. 

PS: I was unpacking Christmas stuff into the closet and I'm already so excited to be decorating, baking sugar cookies and hanging lights. And the music.. can't wait for you, Christmas. 

PPS: The corning ware picture is irrelevant, but at the same time relevant because I feel like every time I have ever moved, the good home cooking meals are what I look forward to when my kitchen is finally set up. Oh, and I've wanted corning ware for a VERY long time. Thank you, momma and daddy! 

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