Saturday, June 27, 2015

Being home with Trey.

If I had to gauge the last 6 months from a 1-10, I'd say the weeks started at a ONE and ended at an 8 or 9 from worst to best. I'll shamefully admit, every Sunday Trey would leave for the first 6 weeks, I would cry while hugging him. I wanted to soak in the way his cologne would smell and his body wash. I know, I know.. you're thinking.. but he's only gone 5 days at a time, why are you crying? This whole academy just wasn't something I thought I could ever get used to. 

The game warden that Trey interned with a few Summers ago had told me that the first 6 weeks  home alone would be the hardest. I didn't really understand the random number 6, but I figured he and his wife must know considering how many years he had been in law enforcement. He wasn't the only one who had said this to me, so I tried my best to tough out the first 6 weeks. 

Boy were they ever right! Once week 7 hit, it felt like I could manage these lonely days a little bit better. I also should say that Bev was just right across the hall from me, but being without my best friend was incredibly lonely. That is a whole lot of lunches/dinners, celebrations and random events to attend without another person to be less awkward around ;) Also, I was very used to just rolling over in the middle of the night and feeling for him across the bed. I wasn't able to do that and that was really hard for me. 

The last month or so, Bev took a lot more trips back to her home (where her daughters are) and those were the times I thought I would feel the most alone. I didn't, thank goodness! I feel like I should say, if you're a law enforcement (of some kind) wife/husband, then just remember you aren't the only one. It does get easier and solely speaking from training experience (I know it isn't much, so if you're offended that I'm giving advice after only 6 months then run! because I expect to try and give more if it's helpful).. I feel like I've learned a lot. 

The night before Trey's graduation the Major's wife spoke to us for exactly 25 minutes about what being married to law enforcement means. At first, I thought this is really negative.. get me outta here! but then I tried my best just to absorb all of the advice I could. Firstly, I'm an Army brat. A lot of what she said didn't take me by surprise. I 3/4 of the way expected just about everything she said, to be said. There were a few good little things I got to pocket. I know better of things to pray for and I know now what will probably be expected of my husband. It's weird to see Trey in such a different light but it's also refreshing because I feel it puts us in our new chapter. 

Being home with Trey is so special to me. He feels so grown and mature to me. He's always just been the playful boy who could make me laugh for no reason at all. Now he's a Texas State Trooper and I couldn't be more proud. But then again, he will always be this guy who makes my heart the happiest. 
Being home with Trey this last week has meant more to me than anything I can explain. 
Happy Saturday!

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