Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey everyone! 

It feels like it's been a loong while since I've typed in blogger[dot]com to my browser. It feels like I haven't typed anything in a long time, matter of fact, because we've been extremely busy the last few weeks. 

I ended 5 years at Air Temp 2 weeks ago today, so being jobless, I feel totally and 100% useless to the corporate world! This, I might add, includes remembering how to correctly type without having to fix your typos. How can 2 weeks throw you out of the loop so badly?!

Trey graduated the DPS academy last Friday. I've spent every day for the last week with him and it doesn't even feel real. Someone pinch me! I cannot believe I get to spend these days with Trey before he starts with his FTO. We move on Wednesday. How can this all be happening so quickly? I've been packing up the house, or I was, til we decided to vacation in Florida. More on that in a minute, though. 

Trey and I celebrated 4 years last Thursday, 1 week before his graduation. It was a sweet, small celebration. We only had a few hours before he had to report back to the academy being that it was the night before grad. I've never spent the night away from Trey on our anniversary. I'm so used to making breakfast together the morning of and planning our day together. We didn't get to do that this year but it's okay with me. His accomplishments were more than enough to make my heart soar! That was an anniversary present to me. 

I'm still waiting on some pictures from family, so I will post those later.

Annual Salt Water sandals picture
One of the best burgers I've ever had came from this little truck. Be still my hamburger lovin heart.
Dear goodness, this husband of mine. 
I love you, Target, for this black dress.
Cookies and cream in a waffle cone. Doin ice cream RIGHT.
Wish we got to use bikes like these. Unfortunately the closest I got was taking a picture of someone else's. 

More pictures to come when I can dig em off my phone. Trey and I had a fun few days in Florida. There is something so sweet about coming home to your own bed, though! 

Happy Friday!

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