Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome to West Texas!


I'm sorry if all things reptilian gross you out. And I'm sorry if this leads you afraid to visit my blog anymore. Double sorry! But Trey sent me a picture of this about 30 minutes ago and while I was just going to show you a picture of some fruit on a cake stand, I thought the combination of that and a hornet toad would be even better. This is my life, y'all. 

I haven't seen one of these little guys since I was 7 living in Nevada. They're harmless and I have no shame in saying we played with these and lizards on the regular. Still grossed out? Me, too.

Aside from religiously cleaning, yes still working through the cabinet smell, and killing spiders and a scorpion (I died a little, too, don't worry) I've been just catching up on reading Christine Caine's new book, Unstoppableand let me be the first to tell you, it's so good. It's hard to put down. I could surely be on my seventy-fifth cup of coffee before I realize it because I'd rather have my nose in this book than monitor my caffeine consumption for the day.. oh but wait.. isn't that every day? ;)

Once upon a time, I couldn't keep fruit good in the house. It would go bad before I even had the chance to enjoy it. I think in my olden age I'm learning tricks on how to keep food to last. And if I'm doing something wrong with this mango/lemon, then share! I'm always happy to hear when I'm doing things wrong - *insert laughing/crying emoji here*. But for real, I started taking grapes off the vine and de-stemming (?) the strawberries and putting them all in glass containers, which I mentioned earlier this year. It really helps me get to the fruit easier and I'm less likely to waste. I don't know if that'll help you do it, too. It definitely helps me!

Here's to another Thursday that we forgot to put the trash out by the road and had to call the city to see if they don't mind swinging back by. :|

Happy Thursday!

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