Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An ugly term like "fat" & body shaming.

Good morning!

I want to start by saying, as I've said before, that I really enjoy light and happy posts. This particular subject is one that I've struggled with for many, many years and one that has been heavy on my heart as of late. 

^ Up there you will see me at my absolute thinnest. I probably weighed 115 lbs there (and I know, most of you think that's probably still overweight for your frames, and that's okay) but for me, that was incredibly thin. 

For years I have called myself fat (as did one of my siblings, basically all of my life) and every time I ate a little too much or felt a little 'full' I would say I felt 'huge' or 'fat'. I was really surprised a few months ago to hear that Facebook took off the  "feeling fat" emotion - read here. At first I thought, "that's so stupid, so people say they're feeling fat.. maybe they do". But then I remembered how much I've tried to renew my mind over the last year or so when it comes to body shaming. Firstly, I don't care very much to hear people say, "I'm fat", speaking of their own bodies. It's incredibly distasteful to hear someone speak of their body, the thing that gives them a chance at life every single day, in such a manner. It also makes me really sad to know that so many people struggle with the same thoughts that I do. Maybe you're all about the #gainz < ha! that hashtag still cracks me up! Or maybe you're like me, just trying to make sense of this healthy lifestyle and get your body in the best shape ever. Either way, your body is extraordinary and it should be treated as such. 

This morning, I read this article and it perfectly sums up how I feel about our temples and why we should be so kind in our words and actions toward our own bodies. There was even just one sentence that really summed up my answer, 
"As Christians, we must remember that the body is a gift from God and there is beauty in every body shape and weight."
I'm really thankful I came across this article today. I hope in some way it helps put perspective on your temple and why we should value what they are and what they do for us.

Happy Wednesday!

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