Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Work & work.

Lately I've been surrounding myself with work and work out only. It's tough. And I miss the rest of the world. But just wanted to share a few things that get me through my work outs. 

C4 for pre-workout
If I've learned anything over time, it's definitely drinking more water. Also, sometimes you need a little kick to get your workout started. Don't forget vitamins (that one's hard for me)! And do your best to get enough sleep. BONUS: Trey and I are distributors of this crazy, good stuff. We don't promote it (even though it is fantastic) but we do distribute. That link should take you to Trey's site. 
These are my go-to workout pants. My sister recommended them and they're my favorite. They have a good, breathable material but aren't too light. I wear them in the Winter, you guys. They're fantastic for any weather condition. I'm not terribly hot in the Summer in them and Winter is bearable even without sweats over. Personally, I like the fitted capri vs. capri or full on legging. I don't feel like I'm suffocating in long pants and I feel they flatter my shape more. I've seen a lot of women take well to this trend of pants over the last few years and I don't think they're going anywhere ;)
Nike Pegasus tennis shoes
These shoes are seriously the bees knees. I got them last weekend and they've proven to be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Trey helped me pick them out, Trey used to work at a sports store.. yes he's worn many hats ;) and I couldn't be more thankful! They're so good on my knees and back while I'm jumping and dancing in Zumba or while I'm downstairs at the gym lifting and squatting with Jo. I've used something similar to this for years. I wouldn't be able to find the exact pair now, since it's been awhile. They were great shoes and they held up pretty well, but after so many years, they were worn and it was just time for a new pair. Also, I'm learning you should probably have a few pairs (if you can) so your foot isn't used to just one shoe. It's better on your lower back, as well, to alternate shoes. Just my opinion. 

I use just about any old tank top that's nice and flow-y so I have plenty of move room. I find cute ones at Old Navy and some pretty sporty looking ones at Hibbett Sports here in town. 

There it all is, if you were ever wondering ;)
I hope this information helps. Get's me excited all over again for my next workout!
Happy Wednesday. 

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