Monday, March 9, 2015

Anything below 50.

Good morning! 

I was doing laundry yesterday afternoon trying to decide how I was going to spend my evening. When I'm with Trey, it seems every minute of our weekend is accounted for. We have family to see, good meals to consume and lots of buying to do. When I'm alone, I try to spend my days as carefree/stress-free/unplanned as possible. Even though that sounds incredibly exciting.. just know my unplanned days usually lead to laundry and grocery shopping. And that's a total win for me. 

If Trey and I aren't buying copious amounts of 'things' for the academy (or if I'm not, like, always buying fabric sheets/softener.. how do I always need fabric sheets and softener!?), we're online dreaming of our June vacation. Trey graduates from the academy in June, the day after our anniversary. If that isn't a lovely set up, then I don't know what is! ;) We have been busy two weekends in a row planning our getaway. 

While all of this sounds incredibly fun.. I have a small confession. I was browsing the internet after Trey had gone back to the academy and I found myself staring at my camera bag in complete and total guilt. I haven't taken the poor camera out in so long. Here's my confession: 

If it's anything below 50 outside, you will only find me inside, under covers, binge watching Grey's Anatomy. 

I'm notorious for always being cold. Or always complaining I'm cold. Or always wearing 17 jackets at once because I'm cold. My only excuse for not getting out more is that I'm always cold. One of my New Year's resolutions was to try and be active in something, everyday, even through the cold that is Texas Winter. 

I've been trying my best if I can't make it to the gym, to do resistance bands, squats/lunges and free weights at home. It is tough you guys. I've been back in the gym for about a month and a half. Since Trey got accepted into the DPS academy, we were crazy busy planning and getting our lives ready for the changes that were about to commence, and barely made time for the gym. My hope for my health/life in general, is that I can stay consistent in being active, inside or outside, even when the temps are 50 and below ;)

^ The above picture is how I ended up spending a small part of my Sunday afternoon. It was enough to get a good burn and then some! I hope you are finding ways in 2015 to stay active. It wasn't until I got into my 20s that I realized how important it is to be doing something every single day. It really helps.. even when the temps are freezing (to me). 

Hope you have a great Monday!

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