Thursday, March 12, 2015

To go back // to not go back.

To go back: I'm currently just wishing I could be back with my parents in Fredericksburg. Coming home a few weekends ago, when I met my family from Hawaii & Cali, my parents and I stopped in Fredericksburg for some coffee and German bread. The only problem was, we stopped during the in-between hours; the ones between when the bakeries were closed, before reopening for the evening. We were so bummed out. We did happen to find a really great hole in the wall pizza place that my dad loved. He kept saying, I have been in the states for years and this is the only pizza that comes close to Italy. So, thank you, little pizza place in Fburg. You made my dad so happy!

To not go back: 
Trey and his second day of week 8. OC Spray day.
Let's not go back there?
photo credit: Texas Department of Public Safety FB page
That about covers it, folks. 
Here's to me and Trey, wishing we could simultaneous go back and not go back. 
Happy Thursday! 

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