Saturday, February 21, 2015

With Trey.

I mentioned in my last post that Trey and I didn't have a typical Valentine's Day. I hope that wasn't offensive because someone's super special love day with their spouse/significant other could've been something I may have so rudely said was typical. I hope it wasn't conveyed that way. It was a special few days for me and Trey, as is every weekend he's home. Here are a few more yard/fishing pictures that I haven't gotten to share yet. I showed some family/friends on Facebook pictures from that weekend and now I'm getting to share with you, too! 
 Takes care of our yard even when he's only home a few days.
Getting beautiful again! ;)
 Straight from yard work to the reservoir. Hard worker husband I have here.
 It took so long to talk my nephew into holding this fish! ha!
I truly laughed at this..
"Eh, yeah. That's good. I think we're good here".. haha
 Okay I seriously hate spiders, all sizes! But while Trey was up on this tiny bridge, I couldn't help but need a picture of this spider web. But like.. where's the spider? :|
Oh, generic one subject focused pictures.. I love you!

I'll never get tired of looking at this handsome face. We've had a great weekend together. Saturday's with a little shopping, a little coffee, a little riding around with windows down pup ever so cutely in the back of the truck and hand holding in the passenger seat. I love you, Trey. Thank you for every single adventure we go on. 

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