Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To San Antonio I go! (...or went)

Hello, friends! 
It's a Tuesday night and I have so many mixed emotions to be home. I got to visit with my family that I've never met before, just 3.5 short (long) hours away from home. My family from Hawaii and California flew in for some really fun family events and we got the opportunity to drive and visit with them during their stay. I wish I would've gotten more pictures but mostly the ones I got, I sneaked them with my iPhone. I didn't want to keep bombarding people with pictures, so I just bottled up the memories and am praying I see them again soon. 
One of my 'sneak' pictures. ;) 

After visiting with family, my parents and I stayed in Fredericksburg on our way home for a little bit to enjoy some good food and time together before we entered the real world, aka 'work' tomorrow ;)
 Fredericksburg is such a great town.
Had to tell on myself to Jo about the soda & pizza.
Tomorrow in the gym will be 8 shades of crazy!
 My dad says this pizza in Fredericksburg gets pretty close 
to his favorite kind in Italy! 
I wish I got to spend more time like this with my extended family and especially my parents. I love being with my mom and dad. They make my days so happy! The only thing that would've made this trip even more wonderful would've been Trey by my side. I sure do miss that guy.

Thank you, family, for a wonderful few days. Love and miss you already. Hope to see you all soon! 

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