Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hoop earrings and a 'sometimes' post.


my one crooked tooth makes me self conscious
i wear lipstick and no other make up
i don't wash my hair for a couple of days
go two weeks with chipped nail polish
wear jeans 2+ times before washing
can't even fathom how my hair does 'that' when i wake up in the morning
fall asleep with my make up on
day dream at work and look up airbnb homes to stay in with Trey
miss Trey so much it makes my heart actually ache
stand with the refrigerator door open staring for a good 2 minutes
make coffee close to midnight and stay up way too late
can't find my keys // phone // purse, where usually the keys/phone are
wish i still permed my hair
pray my voice gets better
cannot stand my voice
stare at my guitar hoping to muster up the desire to play it
want to just walk out of work and drive forever
i don't want to go to the gym right after work
i just want to watch Netflix all day and not return phone calls
i wish i could touch // see // smell // hear Trey every single second of every day

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