Friday, February 6, 2015

Incorporating kale.

Hey, all.
I hope your Friday is as amazing as a Friday can get. I'm just trying to survive the sleepiness. Last night was one that went perfectly. I woke up an hour earlier than I even intended to (part of me thinks this is good and bad). It's good because truly.. I love getting up early. I love the idea of coffee in bed. Making breakfast. Having enough time to do my eye make up correctly, versus the just throwing on any old brown shadow.. And all of the other great things one can do early in the morning before a shower like: reading blogs and catching up on news. It's bad because I am so, so sleepy today.

Bev and I made this chili last night. I'm only calling it a sort of chili because I have no idea what it is. I've just sort of been craving all of these things together, not knowing what that would taste like or what my middle ingredient would be. It was a trial and error dinner and thinking on how I had two bowls for dinner, I know I wouldn't change a thing!

Here's what you need:

1 lb ground turkey 
3 red skinned potatoes (quartered)
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 can Rotel 
2 stalks of kale (or more, depends on you)
garlic powder
Lawry's  (optional) 

Here's what you do:

1. ground your turkey on medium heat // while it's cooking, add a little of the garlic powder and Lawry's 
2. once your turkey is cooked and after you've washed (don't skin) your potatoes, quarter them and put them in with the meat // put a lid on to trap steam to help the potatoes cook better
3. pour the kidney beans, Rotel and black beans in your pot // draining the black beans only 
4. leave the lid on and turn heat down to low-medium // cook for about 30 minutes before adding your kale
5. cut the kale from the stalk and cut pieces 1/2"-1" long 
tips: wash kale in cold water 
cut directly from the stalk 
6. keep your kale ready // the last 10 minutes, pour your kale into the pot with the lid // turn off heat

I've only done this 'turkey chili' once ;) - last night to be exact! I had some really sweet responses on it and a few asking what I put in it. It's a lot like making chili, so if you love chili, you'll love this! I have tried hard, as of late, to incorporate kale into all of my meals. I'm fairly used to eating it raw as a 'leafy green' base for my salads. My sister tells me she only puts it in her smoothies. I've had it juiced before, as well, in the Naked JuiceKale Blazer and I really liked it! I've found some really cool recipes on Pinterest that I would still like to try. What really attracts me to kale, is that it's a superfood. It's an anti-inflammatory packed with fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and my absolute favorite, cancer fighting substances. It's seriously so nutritious, I don't know why people don't eat it! Ha! There are my reasons for adding it and hopefully you like the picture (and the recipe) enough to try it out! Send me pictures and let me know how it turns out. :)

I hope you can enjoy this dish as much as I did. I'm excited to add it to my recipe box and make it again on another chilly night. 

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