Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gifting for your law enforcement spouse.

Good morning, friends.
With Valentine's Day coming up, I've been 'researching' the best things to gift your law enforcement spouse. Unfortunately, I've come up pretty empty handed for the most part. I've searched Google (for blogs), Etsy, Pinterest and sifted through the GT Distributors magazine that came in the mail last month. But empty handed I still am. 

Even though I know Trey could see these, I'm still posting to help give other people ideas:

Found on Pinterest. Trey has mentioned several times over the last year how much he likes the G-Shock watches. We've been in stores that sell them, but nothing has ever caught my eye like this blacked out watch. It kind of screams law enforcement, to me. Ha! 

2. Shell-casing Pen
photo credit: Krista Womack
Trey's co-worker from the bank (his wife Krista) makes these great pens out of bullet shells. Trey has held on to his first shell from the very first deer he hunted and shot. It's just sitting in our room, kind of going unnoticed these days. The shell is really special to him and he has mentioned before it would be great as a pen ;) 

3. Thin Blue Line Personalized Canvas
photo credit: Etsy
The Appalachian Charm shop on Etsy makes this burlap home decor that I've absolutely fallen in love with. It can be custom made to fit any law enforcement/military home with the color and name. I am really excited to get one with Texas that has Trooper T. Valencia written across it. I will save this one for after the academy ;) because it's a privilege to be called a Texas State Trooper and it will be an honor to buy this for Trey when the time comes. I love this! 

Now to just make a decision, and quickly! I loved all of these ideas for Trey and am excited to see his face for anything I get him because he has the best surprised face. But honestly, people, just can't wait to see his face. PERIOD. 

Happy, Thursday! 
Hope this helps some of you law enforcement spouses!

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