Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Words from Lyric.

"It ain't happenin, Pops", daily.

Explaining to my sister in the front seat that Bev has a doctor's appointment this week, Mae in the backseat, "Aunt Ru, you going the doctor?" "No baby, Bev has to go to the doctor. You know?" "Oh yeah, I know"

On me asking where she put Uncle Trey's headphones (for the range) and the little bear I handed her at the beginning of lunch, "Aunt Ru, BY THE BATH TUB!"... oh, yeah. The first place I was definitely thinking to look..

"Mom, I'll be a good girl. See you later" - to my sister, while she tries to unbuckle upon arriving at my house for lunch. My sister tells her, "Uh, no. I'm going in with you" "But why mom? Why?" 

"I need my diaper off", daily. 

While my dad is trying to fix the broken closet door, "Aunt Ru, what happened?" "Oh, I was trying to shut the door and I broke it" "Broke it??.. you broke it, Aunt Ru?" "Yeah baby, on accident" "On asident??" "Yeah, kid. Accident" "ooooooooooh, asident. k"

"Do you want some chips?" "Yeah!" "You want to eat these chips with Aunt Ru?" "Noooo. I want those chips like Bev" When I see the obvious blank stare from Bev, I realize she was probably not supposed to be eating "those chips" and she just threw Bev under the bus by asking for them haha

"GIDDYUP! GIDDYUP!" - every 30 seconds and no it never, ever gets old. 

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