Monday, November 17, 2014

Time after time.

Hey you beautiful bunch!

From the minute I woke up on Saturday, until I fell asleep last night, life has been a whirlwind of crazy! There was a birthday party, a wedding, a young adults group for church and a baby shower all wrapped into one weekend! But aren't those the best weekends? Honestly, it was one of the funnest I've had in a long time. There was also some Taboo playing and that one got a little competitive, but that's what happens when you get a bunch of Valencia's together for a game ;) I guess my in-laws and I really are the same, ha!

Molly and I got to do a little water color painting for the baby shower Sunday. I thought it would be fun to paint little pictures and put them in some cute frames to decorate the shower with and then give them to the mama (#2) to be. She loved them and I was happy I didn't have to print/take any pictures because giving framed pictures that you took to a photographer can be a little intimidating but all was well and she was happy. 

I got a few presents early this weekend (I guess my friends just can't hold out!) and I absolutely love them. I got the cutest sweater, a camera bag, a cute scarf and Lightroom (scream!!!) - such fun early gifts. I have the sweetest friends ever. Thank you, people. More this week on birthday celebrations. I'm glad I have people in my life that care for me. My sister called me this morning asking about this book I love and have searched years trying to find. It just so happens to be the only book from my favorite author that I can never find an actual copy for. Very thoughtful. 

I've been scouting out the best place to buy a real Christmas tree from. This year we decided to do away with the fake ones and have a beautiful, real tree. I think they'll make the house smell so magical. I cannot wait! Also, trying to find little places that have unique decorations. I usually DIY them but sometimes it's just so wonderful to walk into a little store that was meant solely for Christmas decorations. It's like they're trying to let Christmas live on throughout the year by only selling Christmas products. You're doing it right, people. ;)

It's almost here, guys! Thanksgiving is next week and while I am thankful for my life, I can't wait to formally thank baby Jesus for His! (though that's done daily) waiting for you, Christmas! 

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