Thursday, November 13, 2014

The cold has come!

Hey, friends!

It's cold, right? I feel like I went to bed it being Fall and woke up to Winter. Um, when did this happen? Where was I? Oh, man, Texas. You've done it again! Today's super exciting blog news for me is that I got an early birthday gift last night. 
See this cute sweater/jacket/wrap thing with a hood I got? Bev got it for me! She came home with one the other day and it looked so cozy so I kind of just ranted on and on about how I needed to go get one and long story short she just couldn't wait anymore since the cold weather is upon us, and she gave me mine a bit early. Okay, like a full week early ;) Here is where you can find my cute Avalanche sweater that Bev got me! If you can find a cute little Burke's somewhere, they have them for half of Cabela's price. This sweater is my favorite because the zipper is along the side instead of the front. Cute. Also, this hood and the thermal layer of this sweater has me like, whoa, crazy warm. 

I'm off to make baby shower decorations tonight. 
Wish me luck! 
Be safe and warm, my friends. 

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