Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hello, friends!!

In true Fall fashion, I've been busy Pinterst-ing all of the best Fall soups, attire, decor and many many other things for my home/life/office/etc. Something I actually don't have to Pinterest is a family recipe for my dad's favorite soup. Kadu. I've been eating different forms of Kadu since I was a little girl, but my favorite would be Chicken Kadu. 

I was afraid when I grew a little more that I would never be able to live on my own and cook all of my favorite dishes that my mom and dad make. Of course I never fully feel like they're how momma and daddy make them (hint: go home as often as you can, even when you learn to cook, it's just so much better when your parents make it for you). 

If you're a soup person like me and my dad, then you'll really enjoy this light-brothed delight ;)

Chicken Kadu:

4 chicken breasts
3 stalks of Bok Choy
1 green onion
1 handful fresh green beans
1 squash (optional)
1 zucchini (optional)
1 or 2 handful(s) of fresh spinach
2 3/4 cubes chicken bouillon

1. Fill a large pot with water and put in the chicken breast. However much water you put in the pot is how much broth you'll end up with, so make sure it's the amount you're happy with.

2. While your chicken is boiling, prepare your veggies. Wash them and cut them up however desired.
Bok Choy

3.  Watch over your chicken as it boils. It will cook off a white, frothy substance that you can just take a wooden spoon and scoop out. I usually keep a small bowl near to put this in. My dad always says this helps keep your broth good and clean ;)
Green Onion
4. Once your veggies are chopped up and set aside in a bowl, remove cooked chicken from the pot and cut each chicken breast into 1 inch big pieces. The chicken is pretty tender so you can also shred it, as well. Put back in the pot of water (that you've now turned down to medium from high).

5. Add your chicken bouillon cubes to the water and stir until dissolved.

6. Dump in all of your veggies. They will cook fairly fast so make sure you're closer to the end of the soup preparation. A good rule of thumb for adding veggies to soup is whatever needs more cooking, give it time to cook. If it's fresh green beans vs fresh spinach, you would add the green beans a good 10 minutes prior to the soup being done, whereas the spinach leaves would need only about 5 minutes in medium heat.

7. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste.
Fresh Spinach Leaves

8. Stir your veggies to make sure they all blend into the soup.
9. Enjoy!!

My family always has a pot of steamed white rice cooking while we prepare the soup. This is also optional but you know I always encourage rice! I add soy sauce and sometimes lemon juice to taste to my own bowl. I absolutely love this soup and I hope you do, too!

Happy Wednesday :)

PS: If you feel as though you end up with more chicken and broth (like I did last night) then don't be afraid to take a smaller pot (like the one you use for tea) and add more cut up veggies with water to boil. Just drain the veggies once they're cooked and add them to your soup. Try to avoid adding excess water to the already cooked soup in case you run out of bouillon cubes! Hope this helps. 

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